Trada Reviews

Learn how Trada has helped companies like yours save time and increase ROI in paid search. These Trada reviews are from journals, partners and happy Trada customers.

Trada Reviews

Microsoft Trada Review

“The collective wisdom of multiple experts offers Trada clients results that a small team or single person could never achieve: scalability, thought diversity, and attention to detail. And Bing and Yahoo! Search offer Trada clients results that Google alone cannot provide.”
– Microsoft

Search Engine Land Trada Review

“In this model, the goals of the advertiser and his workers are perfectly aligned: everyone wants low-cost conversions!”
– Josh Dreller, Search Engine Land

Alternative Apparel Trada Customer Review

“We were very successful at building a Google paid search campaign for our branded keywords with our internal staff. But generating thousands of keywords and hundreds of ads that describe all of our products was simply too daunting for us. The Trada marketplace allowed us to put multiple paid search experts to work on our long tail paid search campaign, with sophisticated strategies that generate cost effective traffic on both Google and Yahoo.”
– Paul Dempsey, E-Marketing Manager, Alternative Apparel

Smiley Cookies Trada Customer Review

“The best part about running our PPC with Trada is the dedicated Optimizers working on our campaign. Everyone searches differently for products online. With the input from our crowd of PPC experts we’re positioned to cover more of the target keyword spectrum – resulting in quality clicks and conversions. More heads really are better than one!”
– Adam Golomb, Director of E-Commerce, Smiley Cookies

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