The Trada Team

Matt Harada, CEO
Matt Harada[+]

CEO : : Matt was selected as CEO of Trada in 2014. He is responsible for lead the expansion of Trada’s product offering into software-centric solutions to the challenges of managing paid search campaigns. Matt joined Trada in 2010 to manage the finance and business intelligence groups. During his tenure he applied his “no problem that a spreadsheet can’t solve” approach across all parts of the business. Matt joined Trada from ServiceMagic, now Homeadvisor, where he built and led the financial planning and analysis department. Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids and expresses his love for them in heartfelt spreadsheets.

Ceramic Cat[+]

Ceramic Cat : : Creepy.
 dan-mee 1
Dan Mee[+]

Software Engineer : : Dan makes everything better.
Emily Pieper, Controller
Emily Pieper[+]

Controller : : Emily is from Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Colorado 3 years ago. She is a CPA, who originally started out in Public Accounting in the DC area. She played rugby for Penn State and won the D1 National Championship…twice. For fun, she likes to overhead squat her husband and do CrossFit. This type of lifestyle has translated well into her role at Trada as she is ready and able to take on anything that comes her way. Challenge Accepted.
Pranav Reddy[+]

Core Account Manager : : Born on the mean streets of Highland’s Ranch, Pranav learned to fight before he learned to walk. Kicked from alley to alley, he grew tough and learned how to take care of himself. Now he fights for justice. Protecting the weak and punishing the guilty. And always searching for the man who took from him the only love he’s ever known…
Reid Lynch[+]

Director Engineering : : Reid loves Colorado. He loves Ecuador. He loves Ruby. He loves people. There really isn’t anything that he doesn’t love. Except cats.


Dog : : She misses Jake. Come back Jake!
Matt Hessler[+]

Director of AM : : Matt Hessler started working in Search Marketing way back in 2002 when the industry was in its infancy. Having worked on campaigns ranging from small local advertisers to million dollar a month corporate campaigns over the last 8 years. Matt’s passion for search marketing had often led to him being ridiculed by his peers for being a “search nerd” but ultimately it led him a perfect home at Trada. When he grows weary of the minutia of PPC search you can find him out riding his motorcycle on the race track or crawling around under the ‘66 Chevy El Camino he is restoring.
Grace Dixon, Core AM
Grace Dixon[+]

Core AM : : Grace Andereck Dixon grew up in Memphis, Tennessee before moving deeper into the South and settling in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she began to learn to brave the outdoors. Upon entering Mississippi State University, Grace evolved these abilities. When she gets away from “Account Managing,” she enjoys rock climbing, hiking and rapping to Jay-Z. Grace most recently had a stint living in Dallas, where she worked for an agency as an SEM Specialist … and briefly dated Paul Bunyan. True story! Growing tired of the city lifestyle and craving the mountains more than ever, Grace packed up and headed west to reignite her passion for SEM work.
Severin Thornton[+]

Core Account Manager : : Born in New Orleans and raised in St. Louis, MO. He’s lucky enough to have a set of loving parents and an older brother. He moved to Springfield, MO to attend school at Missouri State University where he graduated and worked as a bartender, a beer rep for a time and then onto a Magento Gold Solutions Partner/full-service ecommerce agency. Severin also met a beautiful girl who would eventually become his wife. Married in June 2012, with a move to Colorado shortly thereafter in January 2013, life has recently been full of change and adventure. Severin stays busy keeping up with a large extended family, outdoor sports, and days full of work and people that never cease to motivate and inspire him. With top focuses being God, family and work, Severin stays open for challenges that push him harder to pursue his ultimate purpose. Change is the only constant, and adaptation is the only way.
Vijay Velagapudi, Business Intelligence Analyst
Vijay Velagapudi[+]

Business Intelligence Analyst : : Vijay is exceptionally terrible at describing himself. However, through much pain and effort, he has compiled a list of adjectives that accurately describe him:
Brittany Shreve, Account Manager
Brittany Shreve[+]

Account Manager: : Brittany is extremely competitive. She will crush you at ping pong.

VP, Animals : : Betty’s keeping it real.

Systems Analyst : : Mabel believes that everyone should just lighten up.
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