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Bing Ads – Trada’s Budget Split Algorithm

Bing Ads features Trada in this case study published by Microsoft. Trada makes it easy for you to monitor and allocate budget across Bing and Google, optimizing for volume and conversions.

Enhanced Campaigns: You Need to Prepare Now

[WHITEPAPER] In a few short months, Google will force-merge all AdWords accounts to the new "enhanced campaigns" model. In this essential whitepaper, Trada and CPC Search will give you tactical directions (with screenshots) for gathering data and organizing your campaigns before you switch. How do I set my bid multipliers? How will location targeting change, and how do I prepare? What do I need to know before I switch to enhanced campaigns? – B2C Lead Generation

[CASE STUDY], a consumer-focused social gifting startup, had never run a PPC campaign before, so Trada helped set goals and formulated a plan for the campaign. Their Trada Optimizer team offers the expertise they don't have access to in-house.

Now&Zen – E-retailer

[CASE STUDY] Trada helped this 17-year-old niche retailer reach new markets on a global scale. “We needed a pay-per-click partner that we could trust to market our products the way we would.”

Lazy Day Pools – B2C Lead Generation

[CASE STUDY] By partnering with Trada, the founder of this growing company was able to add 4 PPC experts to his team... without adding overhead. Trada increased CTR by over 700%.

miiCard – B2C Lead Generation

[CASE STUDY] miiCard has an in-house PPC team that was doing well, but they knew they could get better results with some help. Now the in-house team can focus on testing strategy and integrated marketing while their Trada Optimizers work to beat miiCard's goals.

5 Keyword Bidding Strategies

Drive down click prices and increase revenue: here are 5 keyword bidding strategies you can use today.

Super D – Large E-Retailer

[CASE STUDY] Super D stocks the world’s largest selection of music, movies and games. The VP of strategy for their consumer brands, Tom, had been burned by agencies and "solutions". Trada cut conversion costs by 50% and Tom finally feels like his goals are aligned with those of his PPC provider.

Big Marketing Mistakes (You’re Making Them)

In this guide, we will outline some common marketing mistakes - and how to gracefully fix them.

Pure Fix – E-Retailer

[CASE STUDY] This specialty retailer ships fully-assembled bicycles to consumers. The company's founding team managed AdWords in-house, but found it so time-consuming to manage correctly that they paused the campaign to prevent runaway spend, resulting in inconsistent web sales. Trada handles paid search for them... so now they can focus on other tasks!

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