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Enhanced Campaigns: You Need to Prepare Now

[WHITEPAPER] In a few short months, Google will force-merge all AdWords accounts to the new "enhanced campaigns" model. In this essential whitepaper, Trada and CPC Search will give you tactical directions (with screenshots) for gathering data and organizing your campaigns before you switch. How do I set my bid multipliers? How will location targeting change, and how do I prepare? What do I need to know before I switch to enhanced campaigns?

5 Keyword Bidding Strategies

Drive down click prices and increase revenue: here are 5 keyword bidding strategies you can use today.

Big Marketing Mistakes (You’re Making Them)

In this guide, we will outline some common marketing mistakes - and how to gracefully fix them.

Google Speaks Up: Quality Score for 2013

Trada has partnered with the Google AdWords team to answer your questions about how Quality Score really works in 2013.

PPC Settings for Success

As a PPC advertiser, you should test, adjust and constantly revisit your campaign settings to get the best possible results. The default AdWords settings are often best only for new advertisers or those looking to gather data. In this guide, we will show which campaign settings can quickly and effectively overhaul your campaign and reduce costs.


What can you afford to acquire a customer? You may be turning away profitable leads. Learn to calculate and understand average order size (AOS) and lifetime value (LTV) and use these to set your target CPA.

5 Tips for Adding PPC to your Practice

In this guide we share 5 practical steps for adding PPC to your existing practice – opening up an additional revenue stream for your business and enhancing your value to your clients.

Private: Click Fraud: Protect Yourself from Internet Crime!

Click fraud costs PPC advertisers and publishers an estimated $1 billion each year. But there are ways you can protect yourself! This webinar gives expert tips for preventing yourself from losing money to these dastardly criminals. Get PDF >>

Private: Organize Your PPC Campaign for Success

Thoughtful campaign organization is essential to success as a paid search marketer. Learn how to set up your campaign from the start-or reorganize one that needs work-and pay less for clicks while getting a better ad position! Learn how to organize your PPC campaign to save time and deliver a better ROI.

The PPC Ad Doctors Are In!

Cure your campaign of sickly ad copy – and beat your competitors in PPC– with compelling, clickable ads.