Trada Announces First Crowdsourced Facebook Advertising Platform

Trada’s Facebook Advertising Experts and Creatives apply the power of crowdsourcing to solve the biggest challenges for advertisers: ad fatigue and ad creative development

Boulder, Colo. – Nov. 9, 2011 – Trada announced today its release of the world’s first crowdsourced Facebook advertising marketplace. Trada’s marketplace lets advertisers and agencies leverage the world’s best Facebook ad experts – Optimizers – and designers – Creatives – to generate scalable, highly targeted and visually appealing Facebook ad campaigns with minimal effort from the advertiser.

Trada’s Facebook Optimizers and Creatives work together to build hundreds or thousands of hyper-targeted profiles and ad creative combinations that no individual or software program could come up with. Optimizers and Creatives earn money on a performance basis by generating low-cost clicks, conversions and social interactions such as “likes” for advertisers. The result is a diverse and ever evolving advertising campaign that delivers a positive ROI for advertisers.

Building on its highly successful paid search crowdsourcing platform, Trada’s Facebook marketplace extended its one-of-a-kind crowd-driven approach to building superior performance-based campaigns. The crowd model is especially effective in Facebook due to:

1. Hyper-targeting where impressions and click prices are cheaper.

Facebook targeting is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to sift through the more than 800 million Facebook users to reach a highly targeted customer profile. But targeting is also incredibly complex and can’t be done effectively with software or just a couple of individuals working on a campaign. The power of crowdsourcing creates targeting profiles that simply can’t be achieved any other way.

“Our competitors were already running Facebook ads,” said Lauren Linck, social media manager for AMG, the largest nightlife entertainment company in Las Vegas. “Using Trada allowed us to generate hundreds of targeted segments and unique ad creative relevant to our venues and customers without having to go through the long process of learning how to run a Facebook campaign on our own.”

2. The world’s first crowdsourced Creative Marketplace to design images/creative for advertisers on a performance-based payment model.

Successful Facebook campaigns test and rotate ad creative on a constant basis to counter the decline in click-through rate that ads experience over time. Most advertisers don’t have the expertise to produce ad creative or understand what sorts of creative will perform optimally on Facebook. In addition, the traditional model of pay per-image or per-hour creative work is incompatible with the frequency of production and testing required for success on the Facebook platform. Trada’s marketplace enables graphic designers to generate hundreds of relevant ad images for an advertiser while producing earnings on a performance based royalty for every click or conversion generated by the ad, at no cost to the advertiser.

“My vision has always been to create a broad performance marketing platform at Trada and expand beyond the paid search marketplace we have today,” said Niel Robertson, founder and CEO of Trada. “The critical piece in this expansion is the creative participant in our marketplace which allows us to expand into Facebook as well as many other creative-based performance marketing verticals in the future. By aligning everyone in a performance model, those who do the best work will reap the most rewards.”

3. Constant campaign optimization by the world’s best Facebook advertising experts.

Successful campaigns on Facebook are very time consuming to manage and expertise is required to create many different target profiles, proactively manage bid prices, and constantly rotate eye catching ad creative to fight “ad fatigue” – a result of ads becoming less effective over time because the same ad is shown to a user repeatedly.

Having multiple Optimizers and Creatives working on a campaign results in constant activity that will keep click-through rates steady, prices down and drive a higher ROI for Facebook advertisers.

About Trada

Trada is the world’s first and only crowdsourced online advertising services marketplace, where a diverse community of digital advertising experts (Optimizers) and graphic designers (Creatives) work and are paid on their performance. Advertisers and agencies who run their online advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook through Trada will have multiple Optimizers and Creatives working on their campaign at the same time. The diversity of thinking, expertise and sheer force of human power that come from a group of people working in a performance-based market get results an individual or software application could simply never achieve. For more information, please visit


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