Trada Is Hiring PPC Experts

In the Trada Marketplace, a community of paid search experts – Optimizers – perform all aspects of campaign buildout, research and optimization for mid-market advertisers. Become a Trada Optimizer graphic

We Bring Advertisers to You

“Here’s what I don’t miss about freelancing: contracts, invoicing, meetings, daily phone calls, delayed payments (or no payment at all), clients who think they know your job better than you do, unrealistic expectations, stopping campaigns that work well for no reason, etc, etc, etc. Trada removes or handles all of this for me.”

–George Cascaval, Trada Optimizer

Apply to Join the Trada Community

We are accepting applications to work as a PPC expert for Trada. As a Trada Optimizer, you will be joining an elite class of some of the most qualified and distinguished digital marketing experts in the world.

We’ll collect some information from you about your paid search experience. You’ll have an opportunity to highlight some of your industry expertise, which helps determine which campaigns you may be invited to join if you’re accepted.

You’ll also share some samples of your work with us, either by downloading data from an account you run (it’s kept confidential) or building a mock campaign.

Your application will be reviewed by our Optimizer Enablement team. If your experience and skillset look like a good match for the marketplace, you’ll receive a confirmation email with next steps. Please note: if we do not respond right away, it is because we are experiencing a backlog of qualified applicants.

Build Your Campaigns

Working as an Optimizer in Trada is just like working in AdWords. You research the website and the creative brief, create your strategy for the campaign, build ad groups and write ads, and enter keywords and bid prices: all the things you’d do working on a sophisticated campaign in AdWords or Bing. Trada aggregates the data created by Optimizers working on a campaign and sends it to Google and Yahoo/Bing accounts we’ve created for the advertiser, where ads begin running.

Conversions Are Generated, and You Earn Money!

Trada has worked with each advertiser to set attainable goals for conversions. When your superior PPC optimization work generates a conversion below the advertiser’s CPA goal price, you keep the difference and split it with Trada.

Trada’s Optimizers begin by working part-time in the Marketplace, and they are able to earn enough to supplement their income or break free from traditional agency or client work and dedicate themselves to Trada full-time. Trada’s top earner made over $10K in June 2013.

It’s Really That Simple.

If you’re an experienced, driven PPC expert, you can work as much as you want–from anywhere.