Case Studies

Dr Vita
Nutrition Retailer Sees 3x Conversion Rate Increase, Successfully Markets 10,000 Products
My Cuban Store
“The value in Trada is peace of mind for busy business owners. I get a level of expertise from Trada’s Optimizers that I don’t have in-house.”
Pure Fix
“Trada is perfect for a busy e-commerce business. I’m doing a million things at once, and I want someone I trust to handle my paid search. Trada just delivers.”
“The learning curve for search is huge. I’m not an expert! We asked ourselves, ‘Why are we doing this ourselves? We need to get someone else to do it.’ And Trada has delivered.”
“I estimate I was spending about 15 hours per week when I was working on AdWords myself. Now with Trada, I spend roughly 15 minutes a day on paid search.”
“Paid search [Trada] is still our number one lead generation source by far. As we look to launch new products and service in the future we will work with Trada to do so.”
Pro Pricer
“My mood inside the Trada dashboard is always smiling. It all just fits – the quality service, technology and account management. And I love that we’ve built a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship.”
Thor Photomedicine
“For a small business it’s just shooting in the dark unless you can afford a full-time expert. With Trada, we have ten experts, plus our Account Manager, who ensures the work they do aligns with our goals.” – James Carroll, Founder/CEO
Bare Knuckle Marketing
“Trada lets me lean on another expert and use their experience to help improve a campaign’s performance. Trada has saved me days of time and brought our CPA down. It’s made our clients happy, and made me look good.” – Allison Kulage, President and CEO
Fast Track Marketing
“Trada makes PPC easy. The marketplace adds a level of transparency that most PPC providers just can’t deliver. I am able to easily work with Trada’s Optimizers to create ads, review and approve keywords and pull reports. The Optimizer network is awesome. It’s like having a PPC department without having to hire one.” – Jonna Stroup-Kieler, Marketing Director
“The Trada marketplace quickly made me comfortable enough to ‘take my hands off the wheel’ on paid search. Trada’s paid search experts know our industry lingo and are running on all cylinders, driving high volumes to our Dungeons & Dragons online gaming service.” – Chase Huber, Director of Advertising
“We work at a wild young apparel start-up, and we each do fifty thousand things a day. I just can’t give my full attention to search marketing. With Trada, we can manage the brand’s voice and generate sales without having to learn a new skill.” – Marley Marotta, Art Director
Rage Digital
As a small custom software development company that could not justify hiring a paid search agency, Rage Digital overcame their financial gaps by launching a campaign in the Trada marketplace. Now, their conversion rate which doubles the industry average proves their success!
Rosen Law
This study is depicts the expansion of Rosen Law Firm’s educational website and how Trada’s team of Optimizers are working to generate clicks and inbound leads directly to Rosen’s website through a specialized, compelling paid search campaign running on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Alternative Apparel
A look at Alternative Apparel’s success in the marketplace and leverage of the manpower and expertise of the paid search experts working in Trada. They were able to build a long tail keyword campaign that generated cost effective traffic on Google and Yahoo ad networks for dozens of Alternative products.
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