Why PPC Management is an Ongoing Process

Guest post by Katie Saxon of Boom Online Marketing

Pay per click advertising is easy, you just sign up to your ad platform of choice, add a couple of keywords and you’re off, right?

Unfortunately this seems to be a common belief, many companies simply don’t appreciate that PPC has to be an ongoing process if it’s going to deliver. Here are some of the regular tasks that everyone with a pay per click account should carry out:

Budget Management

Checking budgets should be a weekly task. Review which campaigns are under spending and which are limited by budget. The best converting and most profitable campaigns should get the lion’s share of the budget so juggle your budgets accordingly.

Bid Management

Reorganising budgets across campaigns is just one side of the story when it comes to ensuring budget is spent wisely. Keyword bids also need to be considered. It’s easiest to focus on certain key areas to avoid drowning in data:

  • High spend and low converting keywords. This is particularly important for ensuring that your CPA stays at a sensible level.
  • Keywords converting above target CPA. Reduce the bids to keep your campaign affordable.
  • Well converting keywords. Are they suffering from low average positions? If so consider raising the budget to increase visibility and potentially increase conversions.

Keyword Management

As sufficient data is accrued in your account you need to ensure that only the best performing keywords make the grade.

Pausing non-converting keywords is a must. But also, if your best converters have a low CTR consider how you might improve this.

It may be as simple as raising the bid for higher positions. You may need to review your search query reports and add to your negative keyword lists. Or you may discover that you need to build new ad groups with new keywords and more focussed ads.

Ad Management

As with keywords, accrue data and kill the ads that under perform. Then start the testing process again, learning from what worked for you before. If you get stuck writing new ads, try these ad copy tips.

Jury’s out about how many ads to test per group, at least two is standard, but for high impression accounts it may be worth testing more.

Utilising New Innovations

As well as all of the day to day management tasks, it’s essential to stay on top of new innovations in PPC. This may be testing new approaches that you have read about or making use of new features of your PPC platform.

Google AdWords in particular regularly introduces new features. In 2011 we saw the launch of bottom of search results placements, extended ad headlines and social extensions to name just three.

Whatever platform you use, be sure to stay up to date with all innovations and adapt your campaigns as necessary.

And there are many more tasks that need time and attention on a regular – or semi-regular – basis.

You may think that you don’t have the time to invest in pay per click management, but if you’re investing money you can’t afford not to. Be sure to regularly check into your PPC account(s) and give them some TLC for the best possible ROI.

Katie Saxon is a digital marketing executive for Boom Online Marketing. She is a Google AdWords Certified Individual and you can follow her on Twitter @ksaxoninternet.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Courtney Dirks

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3 responses to “Why PPC Management is an Ongoing Process”

  1. Ian Lockwood

    It’s amazing how many people fire and forget or just dabble with their AdWords accounts, even when spending thousands every month. Equally astounding is the number of companies running such accounts without conversion tracking in place, which I never cease to find astonishing. This open-jaw realisation is usually followed by it hitting the floor when the web developers claim not to be able to implement said tracking…

  2. SuccessfulOnlineBiz

    As an add-on, the PPC landscape is ever-changing too, both from the target audience and competitor point of view.

    Your audience may be searching for different terms due to a variety of factors as time progresses, and new competitors come on board every day.

    Indeed, monitoring, tweaking and testing can not only keep PPC costs in check but also maintain if not improve the ROI.

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