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Baby Reading BookHope everyone had a great week! Here at Trada, our softball team put up its 10,336 straight loss. But this week isn’t a net loss because our account manager, Dan Tisser, brought in his toaster to Trada. It’s a pleasant addition to have toast in the morning.

Now onto the weekly best online marketing articles.

  • Leveraging your SEO for Search Retargeting by Joanna Lord (@joannalord). An in-depth how-to article on how to use your search retargeting and SEO together.
  • Beware the SEO copywriting B.S. – 3 tips about these online tips. Heather Lloyd Martin provides three ways to determine how legitimate the SEO expert advice you’re reading actually is. One excellent point to remember is what works for one company might not work for you.
  • Paid, Earned, Owned & Shared Media – What’s Your Online Marketing Media Mix by Lee Odden (@leeodden). A 30,000 foot view of each media type. It’s important to think about each component of your content strategy.
  • Quality Fans & EdgeRank = Recipe for Visibility by Selena Narayanasamy (@esvienne). Selena covers in this blog post everything you need to know about Facebook’s algorithm that determines who your updates.
  • Mind the Bid-to-CPC Gap in Paid Search by Mark Ballard. A thorough post on what to do when your CPCs are coming in below your bids (woot!) but you know you might be leaving additional revenue behind. This post walks you step by step on when (and if) you should raise your bid.
  • Venture Deals by Jason Mendelson and Brad Feld – It’s not just because they invested in Trada that makes them so smart. These two know venture deals inside out and offer a refreshing and realistic take on all the ins and outs of venture financing. If you’re a startup, this is a must read. As one Amazon review said, “First off, Brad & Jason break down the entire process from soup to nuts. That’s great for first-time entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book became the bible of startup incubator programs. There’s enough detail to make it feel fresh, but it’s not so dense that it’s hard to get through.”

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Ella Thomson. We have no idea who the baby is but we think her parents should read her PPC for Beginners.)

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