Trada's Weekly Roundup

This week we read a lot about Facebook advertising, marketing, and more. Here are some of the great articles and posts we came across.

1.USA Today put the spotlight on Colorado brewer, New Belgium in  “Craft brewer has 50 million reasons to ‘like’ Facebook fans”. New Belgium has determined that each Facebook fan spends $260 per year on their brand. I bet that number is much higher among Trada employees…

2. Inc. is giving us the scoop on the inner-city charter school that is molding tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. “Inside Chicago’s Start-up High School” highlights the students and success of Chicago Tech Academy, where enrollment is “highly coveted.” We can’t wait to see what these students build in the future!

3. The Social Marketer is giving us “A Brief Insight into Facebook Marketing.”

4. Behold, “The incredible anti-aging startup! Started in 2088, Pinterest is now just six months old!” VentureBeat is examining the confusing aging of Pinterest adding “If Pinterest continues to age in reverse at its current rate, the site will be back to an idea on a napkin in less than three months.” At least we won’t be spending so much time on the site!

5. And finally, Entrepreneur is showing us “Five Ways to Find Leads from Facebook.” For B2B companies, Facebook is a bit of a different game. Hopefully these tips will kick your Facebook page into high gear!

 Happy Friday! Have a safe and fun-filled weekend!

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