Trada's Weekly Roundup

Friends, welcome back to Trada’s Weekly Roundup. While the news of changes to AdWords’ “rotate” setting were especially hot around here and #ppcchat, we DID read about some other great topics including LinkedIn, keywords, landing pages, and more. Check out some of the articles that caught our attention.

1. Search Engine Land posted about 6 Targeting Methods to Reach Your Business Audience via LinkedIn. The post includes how to build out your LinkedIn campaigns and target them effectively. If you’re interested in advertising on LinkIn, it’s a good place to start.

2. Venture Beat has a 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program (a guest post by our friend Oli Gardner of Unbounce!). Learn how to create landing pages, test them, and use them to improve your conversion rates. As Oli states, this is the intervention your landing pages have been crying for!

3. Okay so we already covered this, but with the recent changes to AdWords, we wanted to know how people were feeling about these changes. Overall, many seem unpleased- there’s even a petition. PPC Associates has even posted “AdWords Improvements and Lessons in How to Service Customers,” a sarcastic response to the changes. Paid search enthusiasts, be prepared to LOL.

4. {Grow} asks “Is there a formula for viral content?” Their post has lots of great information, but the truest part of it all couldn’t be said better: You can’t manufacture authenticity.

5. Mashable wrote 7 Rules for Responding to Customers Online.  Some great guidelines for interaction with your customers. It’s very important to represent your brand as best as you can, especially when dealing with customers online.

Photo courtesy of PPC Memes

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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