Trada Makes Two Big Hires

After our big move to the Daily Camera Trada building, we have room for some big hires. We’re really excited to announce we’ve brought on Tim Mayer and Ben Wright, bringing combined experience of 25 years of search experience. (Search is still a nascent industry, so this much experience is definitely a rarity.) Both are bringing their families from Palo Alto and Los Angeles to join us in Boulder, and we’re honored to have them join us.

Both Wright and Mayer are most recently from Yahoo. Prior to Yahoo, Mayer held management positions for several companies including Overture Services, Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), Inktomi and The Thomson Corporation. Prior to Yahoo, Wright held account management positions at, which later became Overture Services and was acquired by Yahoo in 2003.

You can check out the formal version of the news release. Plus, below is a post from Ben Wright with more perspective on his big move.

For my old friends at Yahoo! and across the broader industry, thought I might try this brand new blogging thing to let you know I’m now officially in role at Trada.  And, couldn’t be happier!  Why?

Firstly, (on a personal note) Boulder, CO!  My family and I get to live in a beautiful environment, and Daddy only has to drive 15 mins each way to get to an office filled with super smart people doing really innovative work – overall, tough combo to find, I feel extremely blessed.  Not missing the 90-min-each-way-in-L.A-traffic-commute just yet.

Secondly, I truly believe in the power of crowdsourcing and truly (truly truly!) believe in the potential of its application to the optimization component of performance based digital media.  Yep, I actually think I have been fortunate enough to join a company that can redefine how the industry thinks about optimizing digital media. Seriously.  From two perspectives in particular…

Firstly, from a pure performance perspective.  Regardless of how big or small your company or campaign is, having a group of Optimizers working on your campaign vs. just one or even two, will likely get you better overall performance.  This is a well understood core premise of crowdsourcing in general… that the crowd (leveraging it’s collective wisdom) will inevitably outperform the individual.  If we purpose this theory to performance based digital media (which we at Trada do every day!), it really comes down to this:  If I was given the choice between having the very best optimization specialist I know (and I am fortunate enough to know and have worked with some truly great ones!) work on my campaign, OR have that person PLUS another 7, 10, 15 etc really good optimizers also working on my campaign, all running hard at it, all getting paid directly based on how well they are meeting my campaign objectives, it is a no-brainer which will perform better and make me the happiest advertiser.

Secondly, I think our crowdsourcing approach may have cracked the conundrum that generally prevents smaller advertisers in particular from being successful in performance based digital media… the barrier to entry doubleheaded monster of upfront $$ investment and knowledge, or both!  If a business has a website and willingness to do paid search, they can launch their campaign into the Trada marketplace.  Because our optimizers only make money when they exceed an Advertiser’s objectives, incentives are aligned out of gate.  Small/Medium size business owners who want to play in search now have an option other than either 1) spending lots of money “learning” paid search themselves, 2) spending lots of money hiring in-house PPC expertise or 3) spending lots of money hiring an agency (please note, I love agencies, but fact is they are often not in the budget for a typical small business).  PPC experts on the other hand don’t have to spend a ton of time and money starting their own formal agency or consulting business.  Rather, they can pick and choose the campaigns they work on in the Trada marketplace based on their experience and interest – which really translates to where they believe they can be successful.  And again, because advertisers establish the campaign performance targets, and optimizers only make money when they beat those targets, a mutually beneficial, scalable alternative exists for SMBs in particular to have a good run at leveraging performance based digital advertising.  Exciting possibility.

Oh, one other thing… if you have been to;  you’ll see that today we do Paid Search optimization.  However, you may notice I keep referring to performance based digital media, not just paid search.

That’s the other reason I’m REALLY excited… stay tuned!

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