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Guest Post by Jeff Sexton of BoostCTR

So you offer nut-free cookies, created specifically for those who suffer from sever nut allergies. And naturally, you’re advertising for keyword phrase Nut-Free Cookies through Google AdWords.

So when writing the ad for this keyword phrase, what do you think will prove most effective:

A) Repeating the “Nut-Free Cookies” phrase in the body copy, or

B) Giving the reader more info on your cookies, related to their chief concern

Well if you guessed B, you got it right.  Take a look:

So why would “Nut-Free Bakery” work better than “Delicious Nut-Free Cookies”?


Because people with nut allergies both suffer from potentially life-ending reactions to nuts AND extreme sensitivity, so that even fragments, or a bit of oil, or, in some cases, just the smell of nuts can cause a full-blown reaction.

Imagine having to jab yourself with an epi-pen just because someone 5 seats ahead of you on the airplane opened up a PB&J sandwich to have as a mid-flight snack.

Nut-Free cookies may not have nuts in the ingredient list, but if those cookies happened to get processed next to a batch of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, they might kill you anyway.

So how much of a relief is it to hear that your cookies are not just nut-free, but are made in a nut-free bakery?

Coming up with this breakthrough ad, which garnered a quick 40% boost in CTR, wasn’t difficult for the ad writer motivated enough to click through to the landing page and do maybe 30-seconds of research on nut allergies.  But it did require a writer motivated to do these things.

In other words, it took a writer paid by the win, with a well-earned reputation for writing winning ads.

Can you say that about your ad writers?

Jeff Sexton is the optimization manager for BoostCTR. Check out more of their content on their blog and follow them on Twitter at @BoostCTR.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user miss mass.

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