The Psychology of Landing Pages

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With your PPC campaign, don’t drop the ball at the 10-yard line by having a poor landing page. When people arrive at your virtual front door, will they find you to be credible, trustworthy and full of value?

The secret to a good landing page is to understand the psychology behind them and what causes visitors to act. What will people’s gut reaction to your site be?

Make An Excellent Value Proposition.

To earn your leads trust, make your value proposition not only clear but worthwhile. As our account manager, Brandon Hess, says, “You want your leads to feel what your providing is worth handing over their personal information.” No one wants to feel like they’re at the losing end of a deal struck.

This landing page by ExactTarget provides a comprehensive guide about email marketing as part of their landing page.

This example of a good landing page by State Farm tells you’ll receive an auto insurance quote that can save you up to 40 percent off.

State Farm Trust

As an advertiser, you want to show your trustworthy. You wouldn’t give your phone number out to just anyone at a bar until you feel that person isn’t a creep. (Unless you would do that and then you have issues that are best not addressed on this blog post.) What you want to do is give visual cues that you’re totally worthy of earning a lead’s personal contact information. This is a time to preen your feathers by showing if you’ve won industry awards or a Better Business Bureau company.

This great landing page example from 1-800 Dentist shows that they are a BBB company and are certified by Verisign. They also show they’ve been seen on major national media outlets.

1-800 Design Landing Page


Will a visitor to your landing page feel confident that you know what you’re talking about or that your product does what you say it can do?  How do you get your visitor to feel comfortable that what you’re offering?

Product reviews lend immense credibility to websites. Size six actually closer to a size eight? Let your other customers inform them. In Groundswell, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff talked about how much letting other customers write reviews lent credibility (and increased sales) for eBags.

Testimonials are the perfect route to show how your service or product has solved a problem. The above example from 1-800 dentists talks about having “millions of happy patients” and shares testimonials from those patients.




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