14 responses to “Directory of PPC Blogs”

  1. John Lee

    Thanks for including the Clix Marketing blog! Honored to be listed amongst some of our industry’s best.

    1. Trada

      Absolutely! I have a blog crush on Clix!

  2. Matthew

    I ditto John’s sentiments. Thanks!

    1. elaineellis

      My pleasure! I’ve been meaning to join #PPCchat each week! Hopefully, next week!

  3. Clever Zebo Mktg

    What’re we, chopped liver? :) 


    1. elaineellis

      We’ll add you in!

  4. Courtney Seiter

    Hey, thanks for listing Raven Tools in this awesome roundup! I bookmarked the post to follow everyone here before I even noticed that we were on the list too. :) A pretty cool club to be in, if you ask me.

    1. elaineellis

      Absolutely!!! We love Raven at Trada. I’m hoping to get really immersed with it this week.

  5. Arnie Kuenn

    My brother has a pretty nice PPC blog too.  Have to plug the bro!

    1. elaineellis

      Arnie, great suggestion! I’ll add it in.

  6. Melissa Mackey

    Elaine, belated thanks for the inclusion! Honored to be among such esteemed company.

    1. elaineellis

      Absolutely! Your blog is fantastic!

  7. Gargoyle Consulting Blog

    We feel slighted. Just kidding – we’ve only had our site up a couple months. Be we like to think we have a unique idea every so often. Check it out 

    The Gargoyle Consulting Blog

  8. Pay Per Click Advertising

    Hi, I’ve been search for pay per click directory please how to I actually sign up for this directory? is there a price.

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