[PODCAST] Internet Ads Update: Search Plus Your World

Search Plus Your World is causing quite the kerfuffle since its US release last week, and we’re being bombarded with burning questions! How does it work? How can I, as a marketer, capitalize on Search Plus Your World? And is this just a slippery slope toward a dystopian alternate-universe future where the education we get from the internet is inconsistent with that of others’ and is subject to factors outside of our control?!

In this 8-minute podcast, intrepid world-travelers Matt Hessler and Anna Sawyer call in from their trip around the world to offer practical advice for digital marketers. This week, they’re in orbit above New Zealand in the International Space Station with a macro view of the potential effects Search Plus Your World will have on Planet Earth. They cover:

– How does Search Plus Your World work?
– What does it mean to marketers?
– What are steps marketers can take to protect their place in the organic and paid search rankings?

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