[PODCAST] Internet Ads Update: Last-Minute Holiday Fixes

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! The holidays are NOW and I don’t have my holiday PPC and Facebook ads campaigns ready to go!

Here, calm down and drink this eggnog. It’ll be OK! While you arguably could have done better, Matt Hessler and Anna Sawyer are calling in from their trip around the world to weigh in on last minute holiday advertising tips.

In this ten-minute episode of Trada’s Internet Ads Update podcast, Anna and Matt call in from their secluded science station at the North Pole Environmental Observatory to address listener questions:

“I haven’t really worked on my PPC or Facebook campaigns for the holidays. How can I capitalize on the record-breaking holiday spend over the Black Friday weekend?”

Yep, you can still capitalize on the surprisingly robust gift-buying shoppers this season. But get started NOW, and listen to the podcast to learn exactly how to do the right things with limited time.

“How can I prepare for post-holiday sales?”

Great question, podcast listener! With the tips from the podcast, you’ll be able to kick back and snack on candy canes in January while your targeted post-holiday messaging brings in clicks and conversions. Get started now!

Remember podcast fans, if you have a topical question for our globetrotting ads experts, leave them in the comments or email us at podcast@trada.com.

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