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Trada Hits 1 Million Conversions Milestone

We are excited to announce that Trada has achieved a huge milestone in our company’s history: we have generated over 1 million conversions for our customers since launching in 2009.

One Million Conversions

You can imagine the excitement around any big milestone like this for a company but this is particularly special to us. Our core value that drives our business is being performance-based. In every part of the business, we make sure to measure ourselves against the value we are driving for our customers. If you have ever been to the Trada office, you will see this throughout each team. All of our business units: marketing, engineering, sales, account management, HR, finance are working towards a common goal to perform for our clients.

“Having been at Trada since we signed our first beta customer doing 5-10 conversions a month, it is amazing to see Trada fly past the 1 million conversions mark. I am so proud to be part of a company that measures its success based on the value we drive for our customers, and to drive that value over 1 million times is exceptional,” says Matt Hessler, Director of Account Management.

As many of our readers already know, Trada provides advertisers with an expert team of optimizers who work to beat an advertiser’s conversion goals. When an optimizer beats an advertiser’s conversion goal, she is paid. This ensures our incentives are completely aligned with our advertisers.

Without our expert optimizer community, we would never have been able to achieve this milestone. Our marketplace currently gives advertisers access to over 200 certified paid search experts who specialize in many different verticals.

“I worked at Google for 5 years as an optimizer, in the London, San Francisco, and Mountain View offices. I specialized in financial services and worked with the largest advertisers in Europe and North America. I base all my work on data analysis and make insightful optimizations to get conversions for Trada clients,” said Trada optimizer Jack Turner.

Another important part of this milestone is how many conversions we can tie directly to revenue for our clients. Today 54% of the businesses Trada works with are classified as e-commerce, meaning a financial transaction takes place when a conversion occurs. In the past year, we have generated more than $13.8 million in revenue for our e-commerce clients alone.

“Trada’s secret is in aligning incentives around what matters; conversions and revenue. As we continue to grow our mid-market customer base, we are excited to generate millions more in revenue for both e-commerce customers as well as business to business and business to consumer clients,” said Trada CEO Niel Robertson.

Thank you to all of our customers, optimizers and employees that have helped us achieve this milestone. We couldn’t have done it without everyone working toward the same common goal!

To learn more about how Trada can help improve your paid search campaigns, contact us here.

AdWords Impression Share Report: Ninja PPC from Brad Geddes

In case you missed it:

This advanced AdWords trick will help you identify areas of optimization opportunity. In this webinar clip from our most recent webinar, Advanced Google AdWords author Brad Geddes supplies Trada with this strategy for using the AdWords Impression Share report, and your hosts Matt Hessler and Anna Sawyer take you on a deep dive to explain how it can make your AdWords campaign more profitable.

AdWords Impression Share Report with Anna Sawyer Matt Hessler and Brad Geddes

We’ll show you how to find the report, which types of impression share to look at, how to compare the data to Quality Score using two methods (the ‘advanced’ method and the ‘easy’ method), and how to quickly see where you can make changes that can help you get a larger slice of that impression share pie.

Please don’t mind the beeps, we were experiencing some audio issues that day. The beeps vanish after a minute or two!

From the Pros: 7 Advanced PPC Tools

Advanced PPC marketers know how to drive more profitable conversions while paying less. But it’s not all about campaign structure, creative ad copy and constant optimization. (Those are very important.)

Trada worked with PPC industry pros to collect the most impactful, often underrated tools that will make your job easier by giving you a more informed, effective and profitable paid search marketing program. We’ll outline a few on the blog, and we suggest you register for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll explore all 7 tools in depth.


Tool #1: Task Management.

We’re all busy managing a million different tasks in paid search. Whether you’re a member of an in-house PPC team, a marketing director with many more tasks, or an agency with PPC clients, you need a way to prioritize, recognize patterns and detect problems early on.

Joey Muller and Terry Whalen from CPC Search suggest Producteev, a task management tool. In the webinar, we’ll show how you can use this tool to tag email communications and identify issues.

CPC Search and Trada PPC Pro Tools Webinar

Tool #2: Understand the potential you’re missing.

Brad Geddes, author of Advanced Google AdWords, Google AdWords-approved Seminar Leader, and high-profile conference speaker and consultant, shared a tool and tactic with Trada that can help you understand where you’re missing potential impressions due to budget, Quality Score or bids. In the webinar, we’ll go deep on how to pull the reports, how to aggregate and compare the data, and how to zero in on exactly where you need to optimize to boost AdWords performance.

Brad Geddes and Trada PPC Pro Tools Webinar

Tool #3: Boost conversions easily.

We know that having highly targeted landing pages for each ad group will help boost Quality Score. And we know that conversion-centric design–making it incredibly easy for your visitors to convert–is essential to running a profitable AdWords/PPC campaign. But the barriers of time and resources leave many marketers–even sophisticated ones–knowing they could do better.

Matt Heinz, blogger, internet marketing consultant, and author of Successful Selling and many other business books, suggests empowering yourself with a landing page tool like Unbounce. It’s affordable, and it allows you to build and test landing pages easily, without the help of a designer or developer. It’s so easy you’ll have the time to build a tight, relevant campaign with a landing page for every ad group.

Matt Heinz and Trada PPC Pro Tools Webinar

Join us for the webinar on May 16. We’ll cover strategies for using Unbounce and 4 more Advanced PPC Tools from more marketing pros, including Brad Cohen from Janrain, Matthew Umbro, founder of PPC Chat, and Jeanne Gaudet from Search Influence.