Online Marketing Tools: Raven Tools

“Geeks helping geeks,” is their model, and boy is it true! Raven Internet Marketing Tools is an online platform that helps users quickly research, manage, monitor and report on SEO, social media and other Internet marketing campaigns. Its collaborative, multi-user features and fast, professional reports make it the software choice of thousands of online marketers worldwide. Based in Nashville, Raven Tools offers services to track your brand’s social media performance and reach, monitor rankings, build reports, and much more.

Why Does Your Brand Need Raven Tools?

1. Tracking takes time!

When companies engage in social media platforms, they have a variety of sites to choose through. Positioning your brand on social media sites is difficult enough, let alone tracking it! Raven Tools lets you download reports with trends from Google Analytics and metrics from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Monitor your keywords as well. Not only is this huge for PPC needs, but it allows you to monitor keywords in many languages which caters to international businesses!

2. Take Control!

One of the Social Stream components is the ability to keep track of all your accounts. For expanding companies, or even novices trying their hand at social media, Raven Tools had a “Persona Manager” that simplifies going between the many social media platforms. It also allows management of multiple personas within one social media site.

3. Efficiency

Raven Tools employs the use of many third party apps, including KnowEm, which searches the availability of your brand and lets you register your username on hundreds of domains. While you could get these results through your own searches, KnowEm does it for you, freeing up your time to be better spent. In that free time, you can explore all of the apps and make better use of your (and your company’s) precious time. So maybe you won’t have tons of free time, but you’ll be accomplishing so much more!

Some Tips When Using Raven Tools

1. Forum Search

Forums are a great place to see how people are talking about your brand. Do you come highly recommended or are people bashing you behind closed doors? You may even regularly check forums to tap into the discussion, but Raven Tools’ Forum Search simplifies your search by pulling who’s talking about you in the forums and exactly what they’re saying. From there, you can choose to engage with your audience. In fact, this is a highly useful tool for those interesting in finding their target audience and engaging with them.

2. Link Manager

Link Manager helps you remember that one website you saw 3 weeks ago and you knew it would be helpful in the future… if only you could remember which website it was, and how you were going to use it! Link Manager saves links you want to reexamine in the future, lets you assign tasks to team members based on the links, and tag links. It’s also great for keeping track of when links change- it sends you a notification!

3. Quality Analyzer

As Raven Tools’ website says “Sometimes bad links can be worse than no links,” Quality Analyzer allows you to get a quality score for any website on a scale of 0-100. It lets you leverage your site (or a client’s site) against competitors, and generally gives you a better idea of your website’s strengths. If you’re trying to increase your SEO efforts, it lets you score websites, and then you can decide how valuable an inbound link would be.

Check out Raven Tools! There are many applications for your business. If you’re not sold, there’s a 30 day trial. Has your brand used Raven Tools?

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