2012 New Year's Marketing Resolutions

NYE HatI am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, especially the typical ones, like losing weight. But the resolutions I enjoy the most are the ones where I’m learning and having new experiences. This year, I want to focus on spending each month learning about a skill set that is ancillary to my job but not core. I don’t have to become an expert but knowledgeable enough to understand the basics. I’m going to kick off January with design and plan on reading books and speaking to several experts, so the next time I review a brochure or want to make changes to the blog, I can offer better counsel or a better explanation of what I want.

Curious as to what other marketers were hoping to learn this year, I asked around to see if other people had made marketing resolutions and here are some great resolutions. I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions related to your job in the comments below.

Elisa Gabbert, Senior Marketing Copywriter, Wordstream — Check out the Wordstream blog and on Twitter at @egabbert

“We spend a lot of time creating new content at WordStream – not so much with the updating of old content. That’s bad because people find older pages through Google and may be getting outdated information. I resolve to spend 5-10% of my time keeping our most popular SEO content up-to-date. Or at least delegating it to an intern. ;)”

Clare Tischer, Community Manager, TechStars– Don’t forget about the TechStars blog and follow Clare at @clareyt

“My most successful pieces for our company’s blog were inspired by listening to our community. In the new year I want to leverage what the people want – stories that matter, whether it’s about illustrating our difficulties and how we face them or content that relates what we’re doing next in a way that’s accessible for everyone. The most compelling aspect of TechStars is the relationships that are built during and after the program. Our founders, mentors, and audience are equally interested in all things entrepreneurial tech but I want to do more of the showing, not telling.”

Matt Heinz, President, Heinz Marketing– Stop by the Heinz Marketing blog and follow @HeinzMarketing

Take More Risks

“The only way I’m going to find better ways to succeed and grow – for my company and for our customers – is to test more.  Fire more bullets.  Take a whole lot more calculated risks to figure out what works and continue innovating.  Inherently, this means I’m going to fail more in 2012 as well.  But that’s OK as long as I keep learning, adjust quickly, and focus everything on measurable outcomes.”

Jessica Cates, Account Executive, Hanapin Marketing – Don’t forget to check out the Hanapin Marketing’s PPC Hero blog, and follow @Jessica_Cates

“My PPC resolution for 2012 involves getting into all of my accounts and weeding out the “junk” for the New Year.  I’ll be auditing URLs and negatives, replacing under performing ad text and weeding out poor-performing, low Quality Score keywords that aren’t making the cut for a fresh start to 2012 and even better performance!  This is also a great time to evaluate the account for the past year and develop a 2012 strategy for improving costs, cost-per-lead and return for a PPC channel.”

Bethany Bey, Account Executive, Hanapin Marketing – Find Bethany on twitter @bethany_bey

“My resolution is to become a Google Analytics expert. You can get a lot of great data about your accounts if you know how to use it and I want to take full advantage of it.”

Jennifer Edwards, Community Manager for The Young Entrepreneur Council – Follow Jennifer on Twiiter @GenYJen

“My community management resolution is to be a better listener: to find out exactly what my community wants and needs so I can better serve them!”

Whitney James, Marketing Coordinator at Orbotix (creators of Sphero). Follow Whitney at @whitneyljames and on the Sphero blog.

“Learning on the fly is a blast. But as a grad who never took a single marketing class, I’d like to find the time to actually study up on the topic itself. At a start-up you’ve got to give it 100% – and that’s exactly what I intend to do!”

James Svoboda, Managing Partner at WebRanking. Follow him on Twitter at @Realicity and check out WebRanking’s blog

“My New Year’s marketing resolution for 2012 is to integrate all available channels to work congruently.  With Social now being a staple in outreach and customer service, Search bringing in highly targeted traffic, and Email providing a great ROI, it is extremely clear how weaving these channels together can lead to a robust digital marketing ecosystem.”

Alex Vaccaro, Digital Marketing Manager at Trada. Follow Alex on Twitter at @AlexVaccaro.

“My 2012 marketing resolution is to test, test, test. It’s easy to perform a few tests on your ad copy, landing pages or website, see positive results and never look back. This year, I want to push myself to test continuously, because, testing should never really stop. What worked yesterday may stop working over time and what didn’t work before might work now. There’s always new techniques, new ideas and new strategies to get the conversion you want!”

Don’t forget to leave your 2012 marketing resolution in the comments. Heinz Marketing also has a great post on how to to avoid resolution failure.

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