Marketing Tools: Optimizely

Have you ever wanted to change something on your website because you have a hunch that it will perform better? But maybe you aren’t a developer, and you’re unsure if it will ACTUALLY improve your conversions or for whatever goal you’re aiming.

Optimizely to the rescue! Simple, fast, and powerful. Optimizely is a dramatically easier way for you to improve your website through A/B testing. Create an experiment in minutes with their easy-to-use visual interface with absolutely no coding or engineering required!

Why You Need It

1. Super Easy

Enter the URL, create versions of the page you’re testing, and test! It REALLY is that simple. You can choose the element you want to change, (font size, color, the message, etc) and see which version performs best!

2. YOU Can Do It!

“It’s awesome!” says our Marketing Manager, Anna Sawyer. And that’s because SHE can do it herself! With Optimizely, there’s no need for a developer or coder to change the page.

3. Real Time Analytics

Optimizely provides real time analytics so you can set goals and work toward them! Want to increase your conversions? See how your changes perform and get you toward your goals. It’s DIY.

Tips for Using Optimizely and Basic A/B Testing

Try One Variable at a Time

If you test more than one variable at a time, you aren’t giving a fair chance to each change. Like a science experiment, you should only test one variable, because you will never be able to identify which change is causing your page to perform better or worse.

Try Paid Search Terms

PPC experts know that testing is vital when it comes to paid search terms. You test for the best keywords that will give you better conversions and keep your costs low.¬† You’ve tested all of these keywords for your ad campaigns, now what? Use them on your website! Try out the phrases that are working for you in paid search, on your website.

Give it time

Give your experiments with Optimizely time to run. You have to give each test a fair chance. If you test for one day, you’re not going to get the same feedback as if you test for a period of days. Give your tests time to gain thousands of impressions- this will give you a better idea of what works!

Test, Test, Test!

So you tested one variable, you’re finished right? NEVER! Just like paid search, you have to constantly be testing. Messaging that worked last month may not work this month or in three months. You can always improve upon your work, so know that nothing is ever a finished project. TEST!

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