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With celebrity rappers to major brands using Crowdbooster, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t use it too! Crowdbooster provides the world’s first intelligent social media dashboard designed to help businesses effectively grow and manage their presence online. Crowdbooster helps you achieve an effective presence on Twitter and Facebook. They show you analytics that aren’t based on abstract scores but numbers that are connected to your business and your social media strategies: impressions, total reach, engagement, and more. Crowdbooster then gives you the tools and recommendations you need to take action and improve each one of these metrics.


Why you need it

1. Cut Through the Clutter

You could be following thousands (maybe even millions) of people and brands on Twitter. That’s a lot of tweets to sift through! With Crowdbooster, you can easily see conversations to help you better engage with your core customers. See who is retweeting your content, who is mentioning you, and how many impressions your tweets are making.

2. Get Stats from Social Media

Sometimes it’s hard to track your efforts in social media. Crowdbooster shows which posts were working for you. It points out who retweeted you, and the impressions made by retweets. It also gives recommendations for when to tweet for the best results, giving you multiples times in the week when your tweets will reach the most and best customers.

3. Relay Information

So you boss wants to see numbers and know just how well you’re executing social media strategies. Crowdbooster generates reports in Excel and PDF formats to communicate this.  The reports can include date ranges of your social media efforts, replies and retweets to your Twitter handle, and the click-throughs from social media. Moreover, you can easily track keywords and time periods so you can capitalize on the things that are helping your brand most on social media.

Tips for Using Crowdbooster

1. Generate Reports

As I said before, generating reports is a great asset when measuring your social media impact. Through these reports you can adjust your social media strategies to better your brand. Crowdbooster shows you which content resonated most with your followers, so you can focus on the information your fans want to hear.

2. Follow Builder

Crowdbooster offers “Follow Builder” to discover and connect with potential customers and advocates through engagement.  Using keywords and follow ratio, you can engage with those who “fit” your brand and are influential on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Integration

Crowdbooster makes it easy to connect with your account and even recommends content based on what you’ve posted in the past. This can help in engagement and providing relevant information to your followers!

Crowdbooster is a highly useful application to add to your Marketing tool belt. With easy to interpret graphs, and downloadable reports, why wouldn’t you try it? You can test it out for free using the “personal” plan, and switch to the business plans when you’ve become a believer. Trada uses Crowdbooster. Does your brand?

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2 responses to “Marketing Tools: Crowdbooster”

  1. Ricky Yean

    Thank you so much Rachel. Our product is constantly changing and updating. Look forward to bringing you some new features soon.

    CEO, Crowdbooster

  2. Rachael C

    Thank YOU for providing a great tool for marketers! We had a “social media hour” last week for Trada employees and introduced them to Crowdbooster! They loved it! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

    -Rachael and the Trada Marketing Team

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