Making Time for Social Media

Social media presence is very important for brands. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of engagement from brands on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. While years ago it may have been unclear of the impact of social media, today we are seeing these platforms used for opening the channel of communication between customers and brands, for sharing information and news about your brand, for building brand image, and for SEO use. But with so many social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and countless others), how do you spend adequate time on all of them?

You Don’t! Pick and Choose
You must examine all of the social media platforms and focus on those which help your brand the best. Where are your followers most engaged? Which platform is growing the most and generating conversations about you and your brand? At a past employer, Facebook was huge for us for giveaways and sharing company information. The followers were highly engaged and encouraged participation from their friends as well. At Trada, Twitter is where much of the conversation happens, and it works for us.

How Much Time Do You Need?
No doubt you could spend hours and hours on social media sites, but that isn’t realistic when you’re on a tight budget and social media doesn’t take precedence. Devoting an hour or two a day to your most important channels WILL be worth your while. Finding the most relevant times will be beneficial to your social media experience.

When Does Most of Your Engagement Occur?
Are you mostly talking it up in the morning when people are fresh and wanting to interact? Or maybe it happens after work hours when people have more time to spend on social media sites. Find when you are most relevant and focus on those times. If you’re not sure, monitor your social media interactions for a couple days and figure out when you are most relevant online.

Have a Plan!
Come up with a social media plan and stick to it! it will eliminate the hassle of finding relevant material to post, and in turn, save you time. When you get a good idea for social media and you see it working, it will get easier. It takes mere moments to post something on Facebook or LinkedIn, and respond to a tweet. These things can be done on the go and maintained.

Make Sure It’s Worthwhile
Follow companies you like or admire, and see what they’re doing. Clearly they’re spending the time (and money) on social media so it must be paying off. You don’t need to spend a ton of time on your efforts, especially if it’s not showing any ROI. Google Analytics allows you to track your social media analytics which can help you determine how it’s helping or hurting your company. The hardest part of social media is getting started. Be patient though, because it can lead to great rewards like satisfied customers, great brand image, new business, and the change to be part of a huge community online.

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