Introducing PPCPath, a FREE AdWords Performance Enhancing Tool.

Today we’re introducing the first in a series of new AdWords performance tools at Trada: PPCPath, a FREE AdWords Performance Enhancing Tool.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Trada as we take everything we’ve learned in the past five years and package it in whole new ways for a broader audience of folks who depend on PPC everyday.

PPC and AdWords is getting more sophisticated and more complex every day. The introduction of Enhanced Campaigns created a whole new set of bid management and targeting features. While powerful, it has never been more important to pay attention to your AdWords accounts on a regular basis. We believe there is an opportunity to make this very easy to do.

PPCPath is the first step in a set of products targeted at quick analysis and insights into your AdWords accounts. Useful to those spending $1000 a month or $100,000 a month, PPCPath takes the most common questions, lessons, and analysis we work on for our existing customers every day and makes sure your campaign is staying on track. It’s simple to use and just might save you a few bucks in a few minutes.

PPCPath will always be free. You can try it here. Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding new analysis and insight modules to it. We encourage you to check back frequently and re-run your campaigns against it to see what new features we have launched.

In the coming month we’ll be sharing more about the product suite we’ll be launching early this year. In the meantime we’re eager to get as much feedback as possible on what we’ve built so far. Please don’t hesitate to send us comments, criticisms, or questions to

Niel Robertson and the Trada Team

2 responses to “Introducing PPCPath, a FREE AdWords Performance Enhancing Tool.”

  1. Darren Davis

    Nice! We have been huge fans of Trada from the start. Looking forward to seeing how things develop this year :)


  2. Marian

    This is really great, Can’t believe you can have this services for free.

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