How do you use crowdsourcing?

Tomorrow, Trada is participating in the 1st of a 4-part webinar panel series, covering the questions that everyone is asking:  How can I effectively use crowdsourcing in my business?

We couldn’t be happier with the company we are going to keep. From Lukas Biewald at Crowdflower, one of the most successful crowdsourcing companies to Peter LaMotte at GeniusRocket, a thought leader in using creative crowds – this is really a rock star crowdsourcing lineup.

The series is starting at the most basic approach and greatest solution Crowdsourcing offers:  how to take advantage of crowdsourcing as a small businessDon’t miss the first of the series!

Why are crowdsourcing technologies significant to SMB’s?

Well, many times, new technologies and solutions can only be consumed by companies large enough to afford to take a bet and gamble success, or are able to hire a new person to own the job.

BUT! – Crowdsourcing is the rare case when a small businesses have the most advantage in being the first to the party.

Agree or disagree?

The biggest issue for small businesses is finding tactical experts to solve specific problems (make logos, build advertising campaigns, shoot video, etc..). True? Not only can crowdsourcing solutions solve this expertise problem, crowdsourcing does it in a low-risk model. In the webinar you’ll learn more about why, but the reason Crowdsourcing is low risk is because most are pay-per-performance.  In the between SMB’s for talent, speed to market and constant evolution, crowdsourcing is one of the best tools any small business can have in its competitive arsenal.

Join us!

If you or a friend work to keep a small business succesful – please join us or let them know about this groundbreaking (FREE!) webinar.

If nothing else, listen in on 6 thought leaders in the expanding crowdsourcing industry cover ideas that matter in business today: how the current nature of work, freelancers and expertise are dramatically changing on a global basis.

In 5 years, when crowdsourcing is the norm, you can say, “I was there in the beginning.”

And bragging rights, unlike work on the cloud, can’t be crowdsourced!

PS Bring your hardest-hitting crowdsourcing questions! If we can’t field them, no one can.

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