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Life RingEveryone gets frustrated with paid search. Once you start digging in, you start having thousand of questions. This is why Trada is starting a new blog topic called ask a PPC expert. This week we’re going to tackle questions that we’ve received on landing pages. If you’re just starting with landing pages begin with our post on What is a Landing Page? and then visit our posts on the Psychology of Landing Pages and How to Increase Conversions on Landing Pages. If you have a question about landing pages, leave a question in the comments and we’ll answer them.

For a landing page, do you want one call to action?

Brandon Hess: In most cases, you want one call to action. If there’s only one relevant call-to-action, yes. But in certain cases, you might have situations where someone is uncomfortable filling out an online form. Perhaps a lead form for an insurance quote or a consultation with an attorney where personal information is being asked, and they might be more comfortable speaking on the phone. In this case, you might want to offer both an action button on the website and a phone number. You should make both of them separate and trackable.

Eric Groves: Keeping it simple with one call to action per landing page, in the beginning at least, is often the best practice. It is best to be clear on what you want the potential customer to do on the web page (lead, sale of goods, etc.)

Should the entire landing page be visible without scrolling?

Peter Gent: We are in the 21st century and people now know how to scroll down on a website. That being said your call to action should be visible above the fold and if you can scroll on the page, from below. If you have copious amounts of information that you are putting on your landing to improve quality score (hint, hint). Then, put two buttons on the page, one towards the top and one at the bottom. The best way to find out if you should have a scrolling page or not is through tracking and testing. You can use heat map tracking which will show you where people generally look on your site and take action. Then you can test different variations of your landing pages, one where they scroll and one where they don’t.

Eric Groves: I agree with Peter in that it is best to have the call to action “above the fold” because we live in a lazy society; people often need to be guided on what to do. Make it easy and make it make sense. (even though they know how to scroll down)

When you have a really niche business in B2B, what’s the best thing to start with on landing page optimization – say for lead generation?

Peter Gent: With really niche products, it’s important to make sure you have the right amount of information on your page and that your customers know what you want them to do. To optimize your landing pages, you can try the same methods that you would use on any paid search campaign. Experiment with different amounts of information, try different layouts and you can even change fonts and colors. Make sure while doing your testing, you are testing with the same keywords and ad copy, to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

How can I create a landing page that shows an offer and also ask for email address for later targeting to that potential customer. What’s the copy?

Dan Navarro: A landing page should have a very obvious call to action with a brief description of why the visitor is on that page. Usually a video or bullet points to the left of the page and a lead form on the right side.  The copy would simply remind the visitor why they are there, provide additional info on the product/service and all of the copy would be company specific.

How important are pictures on landing pages?

Jeff Osborn: Landing pages should have pictures to draw the eye and be appealing, a strictly text page may look rather daunting.  However,
the landing page itself needs text (even though it may be imbedded as comments or metatags that don’t appear in browser) for Google to assign a quality score to the keywords that are associated with the page.  The more appropriate the page text is to the keyword(s) and ad text the better.

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  1. Cleofe Betancourt

    Great tips, Elaine!  You definitely touch on key issues that can help improve conversion for a website.

    1. Trada

      Thanks Cleofe! If you have any PPC questions, let us know! We’ll let our experts at them.

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