Five Landing Page Must Haves (with Examples)!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a paid search campaign is to send traffic to your website. Your leads, the ones you pay for, are too valuable to send to your homepage. Each ad group in your paid search campaign should have its own dedicated landing page to ensure the user finds exactly what they are looking for. If I am searching for running shoes, I want to be taken to a landing page that has running shoes! The homepage of a shoe warehouse is not an acceptable alternative. Always aim to get the user to the page that supports what they were searching for in one click. Now that you know dedicated landing pages are a requirement for your paid search campaigns, where should you start? Below are my top five must-haves specifically for lead gen landing pages.

1. A simple form – You’ve likely heard this before but I’ll say it again. Don’t ask for someone’s entire life story if you want them to complete your form! Only ask for the fields you absolutely need to complete your follow-up action. Take advantage of your ability to follow up once you have their phone number or email address to find out additional info you may want but do not need. You can try another form on your confirmation page or asking the questions once you get them on the phone. Wouldn’t you be willing to sacrifice knowing what zip code your user lives in if it meant they’d be more likely to fill out your form? Take action: Remove as many fields as you can from your form to increase conversion rates

I like Visual Website Optimizer’s sign up page. They make it easy for you to sign up and don’t ask for any information other than what’s needed for them to market to you through email.

Less form fields is better for conversions

2. Proof that people like you – Users want to know other people like you! Try using a quote from one of your happy customers with their pretty picture to show the visitor that they are a real person and not just another made up quote. If you are a B2B company, don’t be afraid to use logos of your clients even if they aren’t big brands! If you don’t service big brands, it’s likely that most of your prospective clients trolling your site aren’t a big brand either and may appreciate that you work with other similar sized companies. Take action: Place at least one element of “proof” on your page: customer testimonials, press, Twitter/Facebook feeds and logo reels are all great options.

It’s obvious that testimonials must work well for KISSmetrics. You can see that they use a quote and client logos on this page. If you were to scroll down further (I only included what was above the fold for me), you’d find another client quote.

Testimonials work on landing pages

3. Privacy policy – I know this is boring but it’s often overlooked. If you’re collecting data on your landing page, you must have a privacy policy present . Not only does this give your user a feel-good sense of security, but the policy is required by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you don’t include one on your page, the search engines will eventually find this and pause your ad campaigns. Take action: Place a small link in the footer of your page linking to your privacy policy.

Privacy policies aren’t that fancy so I’ll shamelessly plug Trada and use our landing page as an example here.

Privacy policy on landing pages

4. Short and relevant content – You want it to be extremely obvious to the user what your value proposition is and why they are on your page. If the user clicked on an ad about email newsletters, your landing page should have a sign up for an email newsletter and explain why yours is the best! Please don’t include links to other pages on your website to learn more or navigation as part of your content. You’ve worked hard and paid money for the visitor to get here; don’t distract them by offering opportunities for them to leave. Take action: Only include a strong headline, a brief description of what you’re offering and supporting bullet points in the copy of your page.

Zoho does a nice job of using white space to their advantage and making the headline and supporting bullet points easy for the user to digest. I can skim through the bullets quickly and know that they are offering a project management tool that will allow me to stay organized and collaborate with my team.

Short copy on landing pages

5. Video – Video continues to show an increase in conversion rate. Why? Other than the fact that people may prefer to learn through watching rather than reading, it’s another trust factor. If you’re “professional” enough to have a video on your site about your product, I may be more willing to give you my information. A study by showed that adding video to a landing page increased conversion rates by 80%. Take action: Add a video to your landing page. If you don’t have a video to use and have a web-based product, consider a service like Jing  which allows you to record your screen and demo your product.

There’s nothing like a sexy product video that entices me to click and view. The video is embedded in the page so I don’t have to leave to watch it and the next action they want me to take, entering my website URL, is placed strategically below the video. Once I’ve bought into what they do, I can easily complete their desired action.

Video increases conversions

After you’ve made sure your landing pages include these five elements, don’t forget to TEST! To start, try testing the number of form fields that get you the best conversion rate, your headlines, client testimonials vs. client logos and positioning of your call-to-action buttons and video on the page.

If you have a landing page element that’s worked well for you, please share your strategy in the comments. We love hearing what’s worked for others.

Ready to test your stellar landing pages? Learn more about how Trada can help you drive targeted traffic to meet your conversion goals!

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