Facebook for Small Business Owners

Facebook LogoDoes your business have a Facebook? Do you actually even use it?

Small businesses, unfortunately, are notorious for neglecting their Facebook pages (up to 50 percent of small businesses do in America), on top of the rest of their social networks, according to a survey done by web analytic company comScore earlier this summer.

Facebook for small business owners should be important to any marketing strategy, especially when taking Pay-Per-Click (PPC) into consideration. So, how can a small business use their Facebook?

  • Promote daily deals that are Facebook exclusive to drive traffic to the page.
  • Hold contests and competitions for your Facebook fans, have the prizes be products or deals from your business.
  • Use your Facebook page to ask questions to further customer satisfaction.
  • In lieu of a website, you can use your Facebook Page, which can also drive traffic and click-through rates.
  • Have a better connection to your customers and a friendlier profile which can be a source of casual communication with customers.

Traditional marketing, while also important to small businesses, doesn’t nearly have the impact as it used to. Now everyone is plugged into their smartphones, mobile devices, laptops, and other gadgets and constantly connecting on social networks–Facebook just happens to be one of the biggest ones.

Facebook for small business owners should be fun for the business, too! Maintaining a page shouldn’t be considered a chore or just another task for the intern to do–this your business and it’s link to potential customers.

Here’s some tips to keep in mind that make Facebook an easy task and not another chore:

  • Assign either one or two people as admin on the page, to lessen confusion on who posted what.
  • If needed, consult a social media coach who can help pinpoint your page’s goals.
  • Remember: try to keep the Facebook use to a minimum! Keep it in 15-minute or 20-minute increments a day. Otherwise, other work might not be done.
  • However, don’t forget to reply back to any major concerns a customer might have posted on your page. Ignoring your customers on your page is a quick ticket to disaster.
  • Have weekly (or monthly) goals set with your Facebook, so it doesn’t become a forgotten task with no real purpose.

In reality, a Facebook page for small businesses is not that hard to maintain. Though, attracting fans can sometimes be a hassle if your advertising strategy isn’t relevant. Remember to implement your Facebook page into your advertising campaign, spread the word on the page to help potential customers find more about your business.

Online marketing, and most importantly Facebook for small business owners, is literally a multi-billion dollar (yes, billion) industry, now. And Facebook happens to be at the forefront of that with a huge user base to tap into.

Skipping on a proper Facebook page would just be silly, so, register your Facebook page today! It’s free, after all.


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