7 Content Curation Tools to Keep up With (and Share) Industry News

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Guest post by Courtney Seiter

Show of hands: Who has enough time every day to read up on your industry’s news? Oh, and everything new you need to know to market your business? Yeah, me neither. But knowing what’s going on in your space is critical for content creation, competitive intelligence and social media efforts.

To cut through the glut of information to make sure the good stuff rises to the top, I employ a lot of help in the form of content curation tools. These gadgets sift through your feeds, tweets and more to bring you just the news you need in just the way you need it. Some even allow you to easily republish that news to your audience or store it for easy reference.

Here are 7 of my favorite content curation tools and a little information about how they can make you more efficient.

Tool: Google Reader
Use with:
Blogs, news sites, Google Alerts, Facebook, Twitter
Why it’s great: This isn’t exactly a groundbreaking tool, but I would be lost without Reader. Plow through all your favorite blogs and sites without ever missing an item, keep an eye on competitors’ blogs, pull in important Facebook feeds, monitor questions on sites like LinkedIn and Quora or even set up Google Alerts for brand mentions to land here. I look for “RSS” or that little orange icon pretty much everywhere I go online. Plus, RSS is involved in lots of the tools below, so starting here is a good idea.

Tool: Trunk.ly
Use with:
Twitter, Facebook
Why it’s great: Sometimes you want the social media news without all the social media noise. That’s where trunk.ly comes in. This service collects all the links that you and those you follow share throughout the Web and gives you the option to receive an emailed weekly summary of the best links shared by your friends. It also saves your links in an easy-to-search form, which means you’ll never again have to find yourself scrolling through months of tweets to find that one story.

Tool: Summify
Use with: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter
Why it’s great: Summify is my secret weapon. Link it to your go-to blogs and social networks, then wait for it to filter the top news from those sources and deliver via RSS, email, web, Twitter or even mobile. I don’t claim to know how Summify’s algorithm works (it considers factors like how many times a story was shared, liked or re-tweeted) but I do know it’s spot-on in giving me the most interesting, most talked-about news in my industry.

Tool: Percolate
Use with: RSS, Twitter, Tumblr
Why it’s great: Percolate synthesizes your RSS and Twitter feeds to produce your own personal “brew” based on the item’s popularity, freshness and a few other factors they’d rather not divulge. Percolate’s extra step is to present the content back to you on a beautifully designed page, where you can react to it with tags and notes as well as see what your friends and contacts thought of it.

Tool: StrawberryJ.am
Use with: Twitter, Buffer
Why it’s great: StrawberryJ.am is another tool that automatically curates popular stories in your social stream. But! It joins forces with another one of my favorite tools, Buffer, in a way that’s very useful. Buffer lets users choose standard times each day they want to tweet and then load up their queue with great content to be broadcast throughout the day. Using StrawberryJ.am and Buffer together means it’s easy to find the top stories in your network each day and then share them at regular intervals you choose.

Tool: Zite
Use With: iPad, RSS
Why it’s great: If you need some fresh perspective on your subject area (and you have an iPad), Zite is fantastic. It uses an algorithm that combs through your RSS feeds to figure out what kind of topics you’re interested in, and then produces a news stream in your topic area that DOESN’T include any of those sources. The more you use it, the better the content becomes as it learns from your choices.

Tool: Smartr
Use with: iPhone, Twitter, Facebook
Why it’s great: Smartr is great for travelers or heavy mobile social media users looking for news. It turns your Twitter and Facebook streams into an easy-to-use reader, weeding out everything but links and then displaying them with a headline, one-sentence excerpt and thumbnail image. No more scrolling through dozens of Foursquare check-ins and back-and-forth conversations to get to the good stuff!

Courtney Seiter is Community Manager at Raven Internet Marketing Tools, a comprehensive platform that helps business owners research, manage and monitor social media networks, SEO, online advertising and more. Follow Courtney on Twitter @RavenCourts or on Google Plus.

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  1. Oliver Starr

    Hi. Interesting post!  I thought you’re readers might also find Pearltrees interesting (disclosure, I’m the Chief Evangelist for the Company).  Pearltrees is a curation product that’s intended to let people cultivate their interests by enabling the collection and organization of anything they find on the web.  

    The product also lets you discover new content in the topics you find most interesting by allowing you to search our interest graph to find other “Pearltrees” (collections of links) that are most closely related to the content a user curates.  We also support collaborative curation and any pearltree can be embedded in a blog or posted to Facebook.  You can also synch your Pearltrees account to twitter to capture any link you tweet.

    By the way, Pearltrees is a completely free product with no advertising.  For iPad fans we’re in the final phase of testing our new native iPad app ahead of a launch in early October.

    1. Courtney Seiter

      Hi Oliver! Thanks for reading. I will definitely check out Pearltrees. Sounds promising!

      1. Temo Chalasani

        Hi Courtney,
        I’m the founder at Smartr.mobi. Thanks for an excellent roundup of curation tools, and for mentioning Smartr.
        Pls contact me at temo(at)smartr.mobi for an exclusive press pass to our upcoming iPad app.

        best, Temo

        1. Courtney Seiter

          You’re welcome, Temo! I travel a lot with Raven, and Smartr is a great help when I’m on the road.

  2. William Mougayar

    Great list. Most of these tools you have described are for personal curation purposes. For team-based or enterprise-level curation, there’s also Eqentia (http://www.eqentia.com). 

    Why it’s great? 
    It has powerful text-mining and semantic tagging for organizing content. And you don’t have to feed it any sources to start (although you could). Just focus on your keywords or topics, and it will surface the right content. You can open a topic page in minutes and curate by searching the news or using a bookmarklet to grab any webpage, in addition to mining Twitter. And you can re-publish on your blog or CMS, or to a custom RSS-out, widget or private / public portal that can be branded for you. It’s the ultimate curation platform for professionals.

    1. Jan-Willem Bobbink

      Thanks for tipping the Eqentia tool. I will be testing it, I was searching for such a tool for our team.

    2. Courtney Seiter

      You’re right; this piece was focused on personal curation but I love the idea of team-based curation. I’ll look into Eqentia. Thanks!

    3. Courtney Seiter

      You’re right; this piece was focused on personal curation but I love the idea of team-based curation. I’ll look into Eqentia. Thanks!

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