Introducing PPCPath!

Introducing PPCPath!

Every month we receive numerous inquiries from small business advertisers interested in using Trada to help improve their PPC campaigns. After years of speaking with thousands of small business advertisers we understand the needs specific to many small businesses. Common Small Business Search Problems: Small media budgets – Small budgets yield limited data making optimization […]

Just how big is a 100 Billion?

In Google’s recently released founders letter Larry Page casually opened with a statistic about Google processing over 100 Billion searches per month. There are 2.6M seconds in every month, which means at a 100 Billion searches they are processing almost 39 thousand searches per second worldwide. It is astounding when you consider in 2010 they […]

Introducing PPCPath, a FREE AdWords Performance Enhancing Tool.

Today we’re introducing the first in a series of new AdWords performance tools at Trada: PPCPath, a FREE AdWords Performance Enhancing Tool. 2014 is going to be an exciting year for Trada as we take everything we’ve learned in the past five years and package it in whole new ways for a broader audience of […]