Social Media

Scratching Your Head About Social Ads? Get Your Questions Answered!

On July 26th, we’re hosting a webinar: Optimizing Social Ads with Paid Search, and we’re giving you the opportunity to participate in our webinar. During the webinar, our team of experts- and your peers- will not only provide best practices and real examples of successful social ads, they will help you with your social ad […]

Trada's Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday the 13th! While you’re avoiding black cats, cracks in the sidewalk, and the axe-wielding Jason, take some time to catch up on what we’ve been reading! 1. Wouldn’t you like to know 16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business? Social Media Examiner is showing you tips like creating lists, following customers, and […]

Missing an Opportunity with Social Ads?

Trada is kicking off our Summer Webinar Series: Overhaul Your Digital Marketing. In this series we will cover how Social Ads, Landing Pages, Display, and SEO fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.  We’ll begin the series with Optimizing Social Ads with Paid Search and to get things rolling, we’re talking about the huge role that paid […]

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