SMB Marketing

Why You Need Expert Help When It Comes to Paid Search

We all know that properly managing paid search advertising is time-consuming. Hiring an expert to do the work for you will save time, and you’ll probably see stronger results. But you’d be surprised at the number of people – from vastly different sizes and types of enterprises – who are excited to find they’re saving […]

How to Make People Never Buy Your Product

In PPC, as with many things in life, results reflect quality of workmanship. If your PPC campaigns are poorly designed or executed, people aren’t going to find you. And they certainly aren’t going to buy your product. Is your PPC program delivering self-inflicted wounds instead of sales? You’re undoubtedly making some of these mistakes: Failure […]

Does PPC Cannibalize Other Marketing Efforts?

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it — that your paid search advertising could be counter-productive to your overall marketing plan? Fortunately, the consensus among industry watchers is that PPC gives a substantial boost to traditional mass media or other marketing efforts. Each has a role, and PPC’s unique targeting capabilities certainly warrant continuing to include it in […]

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