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Improving AdWords ROI by Segmenting Search Partner Network Traffic

Guest post by James Scaggs, a Trada Optimizer The Google Search Partner Network is defined by Google as “a group of search related websites where your ads can appear including search sites that partner with Google to show ads.”  This typically represents sites such as and that haven’t built their own ad serving […]

Scratching Your Head About Social Ads? Get Your Questions Answered!

On July 26th, we’re hosting a webinar: Optimizing Social Ads with Paid Search, and we’re giving you the opportunity to participate in our webinar. During the webinar, our team of experts- and your peers- will not only provide best practices and real examples of successful social ads, they will help you with your social ad […]

Why You Need Expert Help When It Comes to Paid Search

We all know that properly managing paid search advertising is time-consuming. Hiring an expert to do the work for you will save time, and you’ll probably see stronger results. But you’d be surprised at the number of people – from vastly different sizes and types of enterprises – who are excited to find they’re saving […]