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Quality Score for 2013 - What Really Matters to Google

Quality Score for 2013 – What Really Matters to Google

This is a guest post by Chris Gombeski. Quality score in paid search can be a metric that boggles the mind of advertisers. What goes into the quality score and how does Google attribute a quality score are the top questions on most advertisers’ minds when they see that metric in their Adwords account. This […]

Help! I'm a Victim of Click Fraud!

I talk with hundreds of marketing professionals a week. One common thread that I often hear from SMB’s is that their competitors are clicking on their ads to charge them money. Or, that they aren’t getting the return possible on paid search because someone’s been paid to click on their ads. While click-fraud is a […]

Tips from the Boosters

Guest Post by Jeff Sexton of BoostCTR So you offer nut-free cookies, created specifically for those who suffer from sever nut allergies. And naturally, you’re advertising for keyword phrase Nut-Free Cookies through Google AdWords. So when writing the ad for this keyword phrase, what do you think will prove most effective: A) Repeating the “Nut-Free […]

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