[PODCAST] Internet Ads Update Episode 7: Click Fraud – One Step to Protect Yourself

We’re wrapping up Click Fraud Week here at Trada with a special episode of Internet Ads Update! In this 8-minute podcast, Matt Hessler and Anna Sawyer call in from their trip around the world (this week: swimming with Great Whites in South Africa) to give you the #1 best possible way to protect  yourself from […]

[PODCAST] Internet Ads Update: Does Paid Search Have a 6:1 Impact on Offline Sales?

A study published by RevTrax claims that paid search drives $6 in local sales for every $1 in online sales. What can we do to more accurately measure our PPC campaigns’ impact on offline sales? Could this completely change the way we think about PPC for e-commerce? In this 7-minute podcast, online advertising experts Matt […]

[PODCAST] Internet Ads Update: Amazon's Price Compare Tool

Amazon’s new Price Compare tool: for a customer, it’s like having the magical superpower of price omniscience! This handy app allows users to speak or type the name of a product or search for it by scanning the barcode – and it’ll then show prices for the product from Amazon and other stores. And excitingly, […]

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