Landing Pages

Five Landing Page Must Haves (with Examples)!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a paid search campaign is to send traffic to your website. Your leads, the ones you pay for, are too valuable to send to your homepage. Each ad group in your paid search campaign should have its own dedicated landing page to ensure the user […]

Mantra: A Call to Action on Every Page

Guest Post by Marianna Pratt Exactly what is it you want your website visitors to do?  Ultimately the answer is “purchase something,” but most visitors aren’t ready to buy right away.  They came to your site for some “interim” reason.  But if they get confused or lost, they’ll probably just go away. You have to […]

Lessons from Baseball: 8 Tips To Improve Landing Page Performance

As we watched the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers play in this year’s thrilling World Series, it got us thinking about statistics, walking runners and landing page testing. It always amazes us how many stats the announcers spit out during the course of a game. The fact is baseball is a numbers game. And […]

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