Landing Pages

Extreme Makeover: Landing Page Edition

All paid search experts know landing pages are a critical part of your paid search campaigns. PPC and landing pages are like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, tequila and limes; They’re better together. We’re partnering with Marketing Prods and the landing page experts at Unbouce to bring you our webinar, “PPC Landing Page […]

The Four Horsemen of PPC

Four elements comprise a paid search strategy: keywords, ad groups, landing pages, and ads. In order to excel at PPC (and to take advantage of the leveled playing field of paid search to beat your competitors) you must make sure that these four elements are relevant to each other. This can be time-consuming, and requires […]

How to Create Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Guest post by Degree Jungle In 2011, Google made $37.9 billion in revenue. A staggering 96% of that revenue came from their advertising spend. Top spenders with the search engine giant were home improvement company Lowes and global retailer Amazon, spending $59.1 and $55.2 million respectively on extensive PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Estimates vary as to […]

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