Keyword Research Tools: Think Outside the [Tool] Box!

Keyword Research Tools: Think Outside the [Tool] Box!

Guest Author: Akvile Harlow Whether you’re just starting to build out your initial set of keywords or are looking to grow your existing list to expand reach and visibility, keyword research is easier and more effective when you have the right tools. I’ll cover some of the most popular keyword research tools, then show you […]

The Four Horsemen of PPC

Four elements comprise a paid search strategy: keywords, ad groups, landing pages, and ads. In order to excel at PPC (and to take advantage of the leveled playing field of paid search to beat your competitors) you must make sure that these four elements are relevant to each other. This can be time-consuming, and requires […]

5 Keyword Bidding Strategies for PPC

A huge factor for determining the success or failure of your paid search campaign is whether or not you’re maximizing every dollar spend on the campaign. But there are a number of strategies you can quickly and easily employ to reduce your average cost per click (CPC)! If you’re looking to give your PPC campaign […]

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