Missing an Opportunity with Social Ads?

Trada is kicking off our Summer Webinar Series: Overhaul Your Digital Marketing. In this series we will cover how Social Ads, Landing Pages, Display, and SEO fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.  We’ll begin the series with Optimizing Social Ads with Paid Search and to get things rolling, we’re talking about the huge role that paid […]

Choosing the Right Facebook Cover Photo To Represent Your Brand

The new Cover Photo space is a huge opportunity for your business to connect with prospective clients. With all of the new Facebook changes, your business page will lose the left navigation that was previously present on your page. The Cover Photo now becomes the focal point of your page, making it extremely important when […]

Combat Ad Fatigue! Tips for Fresh Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be well worth the effort, for many types of businesses. Nonetheless, on this platform in particular, your campaigns are prone to something called “Facebook ad fatigue,” which can ruin your marketing effectiveness. You can’t eliminate this situation, but you can definitely take steps to minimize its negative effects. What causes ad […]

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