Four Essential Rules to PPC Remarketing

Guest post by Brittany Baeslack of LunaMetrics If you work in Paid Search, you know that the term “Remarketing” (often referred to as “Retargeting”) is all the rage right now.  What often happens when buzz-words take wind, however, is misuse by marketers.  Advertisers are often so anxious to take advantage of these new tools or […]

Why PPC Management is an Ongoing Process

Guest post by Katie Saxon of Boom Online Marketing Pay per click advertising is easy, you just sign up to your ad platform of choice, add a couple of keywords and you’re off, right? Unfortunately this seems to be a common belief, many companies simply don’t appreciate that PPC has to be an ongoing process […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy Testing

Guest post by Rod Richmond of  Clean Digital.  Ad copy testing is really insightful when done properly. You can test all different types of ad messaging and value propositions and see what searchers respond best to. Here are 5 tips before and after ad copy testing, which will make sure you get the most out […]

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