Keyword Research Tools: Think Outside the [Tool] Box!

Keyword Research Tools: Think Outside the [Tool] Box!

Guest Author: Akvile Harlow Whether you’re just starting to build out your initial set of keywords or are looking to grow your existing list to expand reach and visibility, keyword research is easier and more effective when you have the right tools. I’ll cover some of the most popular keyword research tools, then show you […]

Improving AdWords ROI by Segmenting Search Partner Network Traffic

Guest post by James Scaggs, a Trada Optimizer The Google Search Partner Network is defined by Google as “a group of search related websites where your ads can appear including search sites that partner with Google to show ads.”  This typically represents sites such as and that haven’t built their own ad serving […]

How to Create Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Guest post by Degree Jungle In 2011, Google made $37.9 billion in revenue. A staggering 96% of that revenue came from their advertising spend. Top spenders with the search engine giant were home improvement company Lowes and global retailer Amazon, spending $59.1 and $55.2 million respectively on extensive PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Estimates vary as to […]

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