Trada Hits 1 Million Conversions Milestone

Trada Hits 1 Million Conversions Milestone

We are excited to announce that Trada has achieved a huge milestone in our company’s history: we have generated over 1 million conversions for our customers since launching in 2009. You can imagine the excitement around any big milestone like this for a company but this is particularly special to us. Our core value that […]

Five Landing Page Must Haves (with Examples)!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a paid search campaign is to send traffic to your website. Your leads, the ones you pay for, are too valuable to send to your homepage. Each ad group in your paid search campaign should have its own dedicated landing page to ensure the user […]

defrag -v 2010

At Defrag I experienced, more than once, that moment; the moment when suddenly a new idea (or one that’s been lurking in the back of your head) is actualized. The thought, or comment, of another person just pushes you to a new idea for your own position and for possible businesses. I sometimes wonder exactly […]