Ask a PPC Expert: Keyword Match Types

Match types is another trick component of paid search – figuring out when it’s appropriate to use what match type. If you’re just getting started, start with our definition of broad match vs phrase match vs exact match. In this post, we answer questions we’ve received about match type. Leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll answer your question as well. For more posts, see our previous Ask a PPC Expert: Landing Pages and Ask a PPC Expert: Keywords.

Q: How do I change keywords from exact match to broad match?

For Search Alliance (Yahoo/Bing) access the campaign then go to the Ad Group and select one or all keywords. Then click on “Add or edit Keywords” button.  On this screen you can select exact match and un-select broad match for the specific keyword. In Google AdWords, select the correct campaign, click on Keywords tab, select one or all keywords, click on Edit and adjust keyword match type for one or multiple keywords.

-Dan Navarro

Q: Can I use broad match and exact match at the same time?

It’s good to have a combination of broad and exact match keywords. Depending on your industry and your customers behavior, over time you should be able to determine which match type works best with your ad group.

-Peter Gent

Q: Which match type is best for keyword research: broad match or exact match?

When doing keyword research, both broad and exact match types are going to be helpful in considering which keywords to use.

Exact match keywords usually convert better but might be lacking in traffic.  Broad match keywords have plenty of traffic and will also produce better keyword recommendations from the original, this list will need more scrutiny and review before deciding on any words to use.  Using both match types will be helpful depending on the industry and range of keywords you’re targeting.

– Dan Navarro

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