8 responses to “7 Secrets for Writing Killer PPC Ad Headlines”

  1. Anthony

    Hey Anna – thanks for these tips they’re great.

    Can you clarify the tip about quotation marks? In brackets you say “when allowed” – when and when aren’t they allowed? Have you any examples?


  2. Wendy

    Special punctuations like quotations or exclamation marks can vary on its permitted use by traffic source. It’s always good practice to review the terms & conditions before trying it. For example, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads currently allows the use of quotes only when it flows with the rest of your ad (but you can’t use it to be gimmicky or use them excessively). Hope that answers your question, Anthony!

    1. Anthony

      Thanks Wendy – I understand now :)

  3. Twila Roach

    Thank you for this information! Such value in here! I am going to do PPC and am so excited to get started. I love working from home and learning things to help me in my business. Thanks again;)

  4. didik wahyudi

    Thanks for these tips, they are very useful. How about question in headline? Does it also work?
    Thanks again.

    1. Matt Hessler

      We see mixed results with using a question mark in the headline. I would look at a search results page and see what your competitors are doing. A question mark can make you stand out if used properly when your competitors are not using it

  5. Afrialdi

    great tips, i think this tips will make big impact if it run on social advertise like as fb ads or other. thanks.

  6. Nathan Brook

    Very useful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes that make the most significant changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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