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Introducing PPCPath!

Every month we receive numerous inquiries from small business advertisers interested in using Trada to help improve their PPC campaigns. After years of speaking with thousands of small business advertisers we understand the needs specific to many small businesses.

Common Small Business Search Problems:

  • Small media budgets – Small budgets yield limited data making optimization difficult

  • Small management budgets – Cannot afford to spend $1,000+ per month for a professional consultant or agency

  • Limited PPC expertise – The person executing the ppc campaign is typically not a PPC expert because he/she is performing many tasks and roles in the organization

  • Limited Time – The PPC campaign manager is typically wearing many hats and PPC gets neglected

  • Contract Commitments- Small businesses’ needs change and require the flexibility of limited or no contracts

  • Require / Desire Campaign Ownership – Advertisers want to maintain control over their adwords, maintaining campaign history and tight control over their campaigns

 While Trada’s crowd based PPC optimization model creates world class campaigns for medium and larger advertisers it does not solve for some of these problems for smaller businesses. We get great results on larger campaigns where we apply multiple  Optimizers and benefit from threading together their different approaches to the campaign. The problem is this requires providing the Optimizers with enough data to make informed campaign changes. We got tired of turning away all businesses whose campaigns need help but don’t generate enough data for Trada to be effective, so we created PPCPath!

PPCPath Logo White sm

PPCPath combines the best elements of technology and human optimization to help improve PPC campaigns regardless of budget.

  • The PPCPath technology helps to identify critical areas of improvement in your current campaign

  • Our content curriculum empowers you to improve the campaign on your own at your pace for free!

  • As you make changes you can track how your campaign scores and ppc performance metrics improve

Even with the right tools many busy marketers or business owners find they do not have the time to learn and implement campaign optimizations, but hiring someone is still too expensive and a pain to manage.

Coming soon you will be able to hire a PPCPath Adwords certified optimizer to improve your campaign!

  • PPCPath provides custom statements of work tailored to the needs of your campaign to insure the Optimizer is completing the tasks that will drive you the best results

  • You get a complete change log of all optimizer activity

  • All work stays in your original Adwords campaign so there is no loss of history, and you own all data

  • All work is project based, and can meet any budget. No long-term contracts required.

Give the PPCPath tool a try today, and get an  analysis of your Adwords campaign in 2 min or less for FREE! . In a few short minutes you will be finding ways to improve your campaign, reducing wasted spend and improving campaign results. If your campaign needs serious help and you don’t have time to improve it hire a Pro!