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Questions About Trada?
In this guide, we give you a tour of the Trada Marketplace and answer all of your questions! You’ll learn how it works, how our PPC and Facebook experts get paid, how our pricing works, what’s up with the minimum budget, and most importantly, how Trada can work to outperform your CPA!
5 Tips for Adding PPC to your Practice
In this guide we share 5 practical steps for adding PPC to your existing practice – opening up an additional revenue stream for your business and enhancing your value to your clients.
Private: PPC Settings for Success
AdWords and AdCenter are incredibly customizable. But which settings will get you the best results? In this guide, the experts at Trada show you exactly how to choose the campaign settings that will deliver low-cost clicks and a positive ROI, including: ad rotation and delivery, location targeting, device targeting, dayparting and AdWords experiments.
Private: Click Fraud: Protect Yourself from Internet Crime!
Click fraud costs PPC advertisers and publishers an estimated $1 billion each year. But there are ways you can protect yourself! This webinar gives expert tips for preventing yourself from losing money to these dastardly criminals. Get PDF >>
Private: Organize Your PPC Campaign for Success
Thoughtful campaign organization is essential to success as a paid search marketer. Learn how to set up your campaign from the start-or reorganize one that needs work-and pay less for clicks while getting a better ad position! Learn how to organize your PPC campaign to save time and deliver a better ROI.
Big Fat Marketing Mistakes
In this guide, learn-from-trying expert Anna Sawyer from Trada reveals the scars of well-intentioned online marketing gone bad – and what YOU can do to prevent them!
The PPC Ad Doctors Are In!
Cure your campaign of sickly ad copy – and beat your competitors in PPC– with compelling, clickable ads.
PPC Quality Score Myths Exposed
Get set on the right track to PPC Quality Score Success with guide to the myths, misunderstandings and freaky data that make Quality Score so hard to understand, including: account history, match types, head- and long-tail keywords and landing pages.
Keyword Bidding Strategies
Five strategies, including finding your optimal ad position, that will help you to maximize every dollar spent on your PPC campaign.
Owning Your Sales Funnel
This guide breaks down and explains the sales funnel into five different stages – awareness, education, evaluation, commitment and referral.
Metrics That Matter From Your Agency
In this guide you will learn the basics of important and misunderstood metrics to propel agency relationship results.
Holiday Prep: PPC and SEO
Get a jump start on your holiday SEM campaign. This guide walks through competitive research and the steps to strategizing for the holidays.
Landing Page Psychology
This guide breaks down some tips for reducing the friction between your landing page and the weary customers.
How to Score with Quality Score
In this practice guide, learn how to optimize your Quality Score in order to make your campaign more effective with lower click prices and higher ad position.
PPC Kickoff: Getting Started
Starting from the basics, this guide breaks down the internet advertising model, Pay Per Click.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Ninja PPC!
Make your ads more appealing with DKI. Learn the four essential elements as well as some safe practices to optimize your ad.
SEM for Software Companies
This is a guide to what every software company needs to know in order to launch a successful search marketing campaign, including grabbing the right customers and the importance of security.
The Architecture of Ad Groups
Design your campaign for success with advanced practices that will take ad groups to the next level. This guide explains the tips behind organizing and testing these ad groups.
Ecommerce: Lifecycle Marketing
From an isolated channel to an open relationship- this guide gives tips on how to track the full online customer behavior lifecycle, improve your campaigns, and move customers from awareness to a first purchase and beyond.
13 Conversion Killers
This guide covers 13 more-common-than-you-think conversion-killers, including why you shouldn’t use your gut and the ad position that wastes your money and time.
Paid Search for Law Firms
This practice guide breaks down PPC for Law Firms, including using simple but powerful Geotargeting as an effective tool and why firms should think outside of the “Google as the only-search engine box”.
Beef Up Your Conversions with PPC
This guide provides you with the strategies needed to use paid search to drive high-converting traffic right to your checkout or landing page. Learn more about Long-tail keywords and Dynamic Keyword Insertion!
Take the “OMG” out of PPC for B2B
Marketing is different when your customer is another business. In this brief, we’ll show you how to use paid search as the basis for a highly sophisticated marketing strategy.
Shakespeare’s PPC Tips
Channel your inner Shakespeare while writing and testing your paid search ads. This is a guide on how tips like “The Four Housemen of PPC” and maximizing your 70 characters can help you develop a successful PPC ad.
Holiday Paid Search Campaigns
As a simple guide to holiday campaign strategies, this guide includes information on the buying cycle, some tips to increase creativity, and the myths about your budget allocation.
PPC and SEO Working Together
It’s a common question: Which comes first? When initiating an online advertising program, should you start with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Or should search engine optimization (SEO) be your maiden voyage? The reality is neither.

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