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“Trada’s Optimizers have lowered our conversion cost by 25%.”

- James Carroll
Founder/CEO, Thor Photomedicine

Mike Jelley – Heavy Hitter
“I love working in Trada. It allows me to work with so many different types of clients. I am a competitive person and constantly strive to be the best performer on the campaign.”
Conversion rate: 5.86%
Optimizer since 4/2011
Jack Turner – Rising Star
“I worked at Google for 5 years as an Optimizer in the London, San Francisco, and Mountain View offices.”
Conversion rate: 8.66%
Optimizer since 2/2012
Michele Moore – Digital Marketing Expert
“I’m a highly motivated Digital Marketing expert specializing in Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, AdCenter, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”
Coversion rate: 2.27%
Optimizer since 2/2011

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